Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch


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  • Model: meteor-bl
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Alexandravision Ltd

The Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch allows you to independently know the current time without disturbing others. It features a simple, three-button design and is especially ideal for persons with hearing loss.

Press the top button to learn the current hour 1 through 12, the middle button to learn the current tens of minutes 0 through 5, and the bottom button to learn the current minute 0 through 9. For instance, if you pressed the top button and the watch produced 3 short vibrations, it would be 3 o'clock. If you then pressed the middle button and felt 4 short vibrations, it would be 40 minutes after the hour. If you press the bottom button and felt 1 short vibration, this indicates one minute, meaning the time is 3:41. You can press the buttons in any order, or just the minutes button to learn the current minute, for example. A long vibration is used for 5, meaning a long vibration followed by 3 short vibrations would indicate 8, for example.

The “Meteor” quartz timepiece was developed for visually impaired people with the help of visually impaired people. Its beauty lies in its elegant shape and pleasant feel, appealing to visually impaired and sighted people alike. The appearance features a crescent moon with a rounded bottom. The three buttons are easily discernable by touch, allowing for a simple way to check the time without taking the watch out of your pocket.

How it works in detail

The Meteor indicates time by inaudible and discreet vibrations. It has 3 buttons: The upper button for Hours, the central button for Tens of Minutes, and the last button for Minutes.

Time indication

A breif press of the upper button indicates the hours. A breif press of the middle button indicates the Tens of Minutes, and a brief press of the last button indicates the Minutes. A short vibration indicates 1 unit and a long vibration indicates 5 units. So for the hours, the range is from 1 to 12, 0 to 5 for the tens of minutes, and 0 through 9 for the minutes.


3 short vibrations indicate 3 Hours or 30 Minutes or 3 Minutes depending on the pressed button,

1 long vibration indicates 5 Hours or 50 Minutes or 5 Minutes depending on the pressed button,

2 long vibrations followed by 2 short vibrations indicate 12 Hours,

no vibration indicates 0 Tens of Minutes or 0 Minute depending on the pressed button.

The buttons may be pressed in any order For example, you can check just the Tens of Minutes and then the Minutes.

Setting the Time

Press and hold the upper button to set the Hours, press and hold the central button to set the Ten of Minutes, and press and hold the last button to set the Minutes.

A long vibration will indicate that you are in setting mode. Each of the short vibrations that follows, counts for 1 unit and adjusts the watch until the button is released.


To set the Hours to 9 o’clock, press and hold the top button until you have felt the long vibration followed by 9 short vibrations. Then release the button. To set the Tens of Minutes to 0, press and hold the middle button until you have felt the end of the long vibration. Then release the button.

The time can be set in any order. For example, you can just set the Minutes. Hours and Tens of Minutes will not be affected.

Changing the battery.

The battery will last between 2 and 5 years depending on the use of your watch. Use only Energizer 357 type batteries or equivalent. We recommend having your battery changed by a watchmaker, found at the jewelry counter at many stores.

Alexandravision watches are guaranteed for 2 years. This warranty covers all manufacturing

defects. It does not cover the normal wear of the materials of which they are constituted, nor damages due to an abnormal use, nor the battery. The Meteor is waterproof. It can be cleaned with a wet tissue but should not be put into water.

Color: black