Tactile Screen Protector for iPhone 4 / 4S - Advanced Layout


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  • Model: SD-4A
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  • Manufactured by: SpeedDots

A T Guys is pleased to be a leading distributor for the popular SpeedDots Tactile Screen Protectors.

We currently offer two different models of screen protectors for your iPhone. Our standard overlay contains a dot on each letter and input control while our advanced overlay contains similar markings on buttons and input controls, however only the letters F and J on the virtual keyboard will contain raised dots. This page is for the advanced layout for the iPhone 4 and 4S. If you wish to order a different model, please return to the screen protectors category. Please write us if you have any questions.

Why use a tactile screen protector?

While it is true that a blind or visually impaired person does not require tactile feedback to use a touchscreen with voiceover, We have discovered that placing single Braille dots in a few key locations on the screen can provide a noticeable increase in speed and productivity. If you are new to the touchscreen environment, or dislike the fact that there are no physical buttons on your phone, , then the tactile screen protector can offer both a practical, and affordable solution for you!

How And Why?

While apple has done a great job making its touch screens fully accessible to blind and visually impaired users, , simply placing raised dots on the surface of the screen in a few key locations can help individuals input text and information accurately and confidently! Apple, along with many third-party developers typically place buttons in the same locations, which we are subsequently able to mark with a small, raised Braille dot. These tiny dots can be easily felt, but in no way obstruct a sighted person's view of the screen as our screen protectors are clear. This makes it easy for you to share your phone with sighted friends, colleagues, family members, etc., without interfering with the phone's operation

Below is a list of the dots and what they represent:
  • Top Left: back/ cancel
  • Top Center: search/heading/Safari address bar
  • Top Right: ok /done
  • Below ok: add contact from address book in sms/email
  • Center of Screen: number 5 on the phone pad.
  • Middle Right: send button for text messages
  • Across the Bottom: 5 evenly spaced dots representing soft key functions.
  • Lower Left: Shift
  • Lower right: Delete/Backspace
  • (All of the keys listed above are marked identically on both the Standard and Advanced models of our tactile screen protectors.)

  • Virtual Keyboard (Standard): Each letter is marked with a single dot, with the exception of letters F and J, which are blank and contain no dots. Many users like this layout, as frequently, the dots can be used to represent other points of reference when the keyboard is not enabled.
  • Virtual Keyboard (Advanced): This configuration contains dots on the letters F and J *ONLY*. Users also like this configuration because it is less cluttered, yet still provides the ability to orient to the center row of keys quickly while typing.

Note: Both keyboard options are available. Please be sure to select the correct product when placing your order.

If you are new to the iPhone's layout, or have any questions about either the Standard or Advanced tactile screen protectors, please send us a note.