Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch Demo

Transcribed from audio by Kayde Rieken

J.J. Meddaugh: Hi, everybody. J.J. Meddaugh here, and I want to tell you about a new product

that weíve added to A.T. Guys that we actually discovered at the CSUN conference in San Diego. Itís from a company in Switzerland called Alexandravision, and itís a vibrating pocket watch. So what this allows you to do is completely independently-and without distraction to other people-check the current time, completely without audio or Braille or anything else.

So itís a really simple design. This is called the Meteor, and it has three buttons on it. So the first button is for the hours, and Iím going to put this up to the speaker so you can hear it vibrate.

[The watch gives four short vibrations.]

Thatís four vibrations for4:00, and then I press the middle button, which is for the tens Ö

[The watch gives three short vibrations.]

Three vibrations for 30, and then I press the bottom button for the minutes digit Ö

[The watch gives one longer vibration.]

And one long vibration for 5. So the long vibrations are fives, the short ones are ones. So itís 4:35. A.M. or P.M. does not matter here, itís just a 12-hour timepiece, and as you can tell, you can figure out the time completely by vibration. So you can just keep this in your pocket and determine the time without distracting other people.

The shape of this thing is like a small oval with part of it cut out. So the oval is maybe two and a half to three inches long. Thereís one end thatís a little bit thicker, thatís the bottom. The top end is thinner, thatís the top. And on one side of the oval itís cut out a little bit, and thatís where the buttons are. They feel like little Braille bumps, but a little bit bigger than that, and they are very well-defined and easy to find.

To set the watch, itís also really simple. So say I actually want to change it to 5:00. I hold down the hours button, and I wait for a long vibrationÖ

[The watch gives a long vibration.]

And thenÖ

[The watch gives shorter vibrations, and J.j. counts them.]

One Ö two Ö three Ö four Ö five Ö and let up on the button, and now Iíve set it to 5:00.

[The watch gives a final vibration.]

One other thing to note here is that you donít necessarily have to press all of the buttons. So you know itís already 5:00. You can just press the tens of minutes button Ö

[The watch gives three short vibrations.]

30 Ö

[The watch gives one long vibration, then two short ones.]

7. 5:37. So as you can see, the operation of this pocket watch is quite simple. It was designed that way on purpose. Itís just to act as a really simple timekeeping device, so if youíre in a meeting, or if youíre someplace where you donít want to deal with a loud talking watch or pull out your phone, you can really discretely tell the time. Also, if you are or know someone who is hard of hearing, this would be a great tool as a timekeeping device, since it operates completely via vibration. So anybody, even someone who has no hearing at all, could use this watch.

The watch uses a typical watch battery and will last from two to five years on a single battery, and of course you can replace it after that. It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty against hardware defects.

So this is the Meteor pocket watch. We are the first in the United States to be distributing this. Itís available currently on the A T Guys website for a retail price of $117 plus shipping. Iíd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Of course, you can email, @atguys on Twitter, or call us at 269-216-4798. Again, Thanks so much for listening. Iím J.J. Meddaugh.