The Tribit StormBox 40

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The Stormbox Pro is about six or seven inches tall, with a handle on the side toward the top of the speaker and buttons located on the top.

The sides are equal in size, about 3 inches on each side.

There are a total of 6 buttons on the top.

The big circle button is the Play Pause and Multi-function button. The button to the left of the Play Pause button is the volume down, it has a horizontal line on it.

The button to the right is the Volume up button.

Below these buttons are three additional buttons that are not as distinct, from left to right is the Bluetooth pairing button, The power button, and the XBS (Extra Bass) button.

On the back is a rubber cover that covers the USBC Charging cable (Included in the box), and a USB-A port for charging additional devices. When you turn the speaker on you will be greeted with 2 tones.

If the device is connected via Bluetooth a third tone will play shortly after the power on sound. You can connect via Bluetooth to two different devices, however, you can only play back from one device at a time.

Connecting to Devices The StormBox Pro Speaker will automatically connect to the last 2 paired devices again if available. If it fails, the speaker will enter pairing mode.

The speaker can remember up to 8 different devices.

Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds to put the Tribit StormBox 40 in pairing mode.

On your device, find the Tribit StormBox 40 and select it to activate.

Once successful you will here a tone signifying the connection is successful.

Playing media and Adjusting Volume

Once the Stormbox is connected to a Bluetooth device, use the circle play pause button to start and pause playback.

You can double press the circle button to skip to the next track and triple press the button to go back to the previous track.

To activate your smart assistant, press and hold the circle button.

If you would like to switch between devices, pause media on the current device and begin playback on the second device.

Press the volume up button to increase the volume in small amounts, hold to quickly increase the volume.

Press the volume down button to turn the volume down slowly and hold to quickly decrease the volume.

You can press the XBS button to turn on increased bass.

pair 2 speakers together:

Receiving a call

If you receive a call, simply press the circle Play Pause button to accept.

To end the call, press the button again


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