Versa Slate


The Paperless, Erasable, Braille Slate


User Guide


Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2

1.1. Acknowledgement Letter. 2

1.2. Product Overview.. 2

1.3. In The Box. 2

1.4. Versa Slate Components. 2

2. User Manual 3

2.1. How to Use. 3

3. Specification. 3

3.1. Versa Slate Specification. 3

4. Customer Support. 4



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1. Introduction


1.1. Acknowledgement Letter


Thank you for purchasing the Versa Slate, the paperless, erasable braille slate. We aim to provide an excellent product, backed by great customer service.

The Versa Slate is proudly distributed by A. T. Guys in the United States. If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience, please donít hesitate to contact us or your local dealer. Thanks again.


1.2. Product Overview


The Versa Slate is a portable braille writing tool which helps you to read and write braille without paper.

With a limitless, mechanical reset feature, it is useful for both braille beginners and users who need to take notes anywhere, anytime.

The Versa Slate has 4 lines of 20 cells, providing the user a total of 80 Cells.


1.3. In The Box


The Versa Slate Components are below.

         Versa Slate Main Body x1 (stylus included)

         Printed User Guide x1

         Braille Quick Guide x1


1.4. Versa Slate Components

1.††††††††††† Stylus

2.††††††††††† Handle

3.††††††††††† Reset buttons (along top and bottom of the slate)

4.††††††††††† Braille pins

5.††††††††††† Rest delimiter

6.††††††††††† Cell number delimiter (every 5 cells)


2. User Manual


2.1. How to Use


To start writing, orientate the slate with the stylus in the lower right corner.


Remove the stylus from the body and begin writing using the stylus from right to left. This is the same way of writing as a traditional slate and stylus, except the Versa Slate does not require paper.


Every five cells you will feel tactile delimiters to quickly check the number of cells used.


When you finish writing braille, place the Versa Slate in reading mode by flipping the device over. You can verify that you are in reading mode if you observe the dotted line in the lower left corner. Remember to read the memo from left to right.


If you want to delete a single braille cell, you can push the cell with your finger. As Versa Slate is a mechanical device, you can push the cells back in as needed. And you can use the reset buttons to erase the entire memo.


†the slate includes four buttons on the Top and Bottom. Pressing a pair of these buttons (1 on the top and 1 on the bottom) will clear a section of cells. A section contains 5 cells across and all 4 rows of the slate. Pressing all eight buttons will clear the entire slate.


Caution: Please note that you must write a note in the writing mode, otherwise the product could be damaged. There is no liability for the manufacturer if the Versa Slate is damaged by trying to write in the reading mode.


3. Specification

3.1. Versa Slate Specification


Product Name†† Versa Slate

Size††††††† 20.2cm X 8cm X 1.5cm (8in X 3.2in X 0.6in)

Weight 150g (5.3oz)

Braille Cells†††††††† 20 Cells, 4 Lines


4. Customer Support


Customer support is available from the dealer where you purchased your unit. Additional support is available from A. T. Guys for U.S. customers and Overflow Biz, the product manufacturer.


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