Tactile Screen Protector iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE Braille Screen Input

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We now have a tactile screen protector specifically designed to support Braille screen input on the iPhone. This listing is for the Braille Screen Input protector for the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and SE. If you are looking for another model, go back to the screen protectors page.

This screen protector has three marks near each end of the phone that allow you to orient yourself to the on screen Braille keyboard. In addition, it contains some of the commonly used marks for extra navigation; which include controls such as back, okay/cancel, and the tabs on the bottom.

What is BSI, or Braille Screen Input?

Braille screen input allows you to type in Braille on your iOS device touch screen using three fingers on each hand. It supports uncontracted grade one Braille, as well as contracted grade two; and the new UEB Standard. Speeddots BSI Supports: Uncontracted Grade One Braille, Contracted Grade Two, and the new UEB Standard

How do I set up Braille Screen Input on my device?

To setup Braille Screen Input (BSI) do the following:

  1. Go to settings, general, accessibility, Voiceover, rotor.
  2. Enable the rotor action for Braille. Optionally, you may want to move Braille closer to the top so it's close to characters or words if you use it often.
  3. Once done, activate the back button to return to the Voiceover options.
  4. 4. Select Braille.
  5. 5. Select the Braille Screen Input option. Under Braille Screen Input, you have two choices: Uncontracted six dot and Contracted Braille. If you are new to Braille screen input, you may find it helpful to learn to use Braille screen Input using uncontracted Braille for a while until you are comfortable typing on the touch screen. Note: Unlike in other software keyboard scenarios, typing in contracted Braille will only echo words - not characters - so you will get no typing feedback to discern any mistakes you may have made until you use the single finger swipe right gesture to enter a space between words.
The Screen Protector

The SpeedDots Screen protector for Braille screen input, supports the iPhone exclusively in screen away mode.

To put your phone in screen away mode, do the following:

  1. Open a text entry field.
  2. Select the Braille option in the rotor.
  3. Lift your phone up on its side, so that the screen faces away from you, until it says screen away mode. Holding the device between your hands with the screen facing away from you is the correct positioning when using Braille Screen Input in Screen Away mode.

Note: You may find it helpful to lock the orientation in screen away mode to prevent orientation changing while you type. Orientation for Braille input may change even if you have locked device orientation in the control center. To lock orientation, swipe up with three fingers and Voiceover will announce "orientation locked." Should you ever wish to unlock orientation in the future, swipe down with three fingers.

Calibrating the Braille Dots

Please note, that this step is not necessary and you may be able to type right away without issue. Should you find however that you are encountering difficulty when typing Braille characters, calibrating the dots is very easy to do. On the screen protector, you will find 2 rows of 3 dots. The dots are centered, evenly spaced, and should be comfortable for most hands.

To Calibrate Braille screen input:

  1. Line all 6 fingers up with the two rows of dots, three on the left hand and three on the right as you would do if typing on a Braille keyboard.
  2. Lift your fingers, then quickly tap the three dots on the right hand.
  3. Repeat the process with the left hand in quick succession.

Note: Braille dots are not entered until you lift your fingers from the screen, so as you get used to the dot placement of the screen protector, it is OK to move your fingers before removing.

Additional Resources

For a full Braille screen Input guide, refer to this excellent Applevis article.

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