Vocalizer Expressive voices for NVDA (Latest Version)

  • Manufactured by: Nuance Communications, Inc.
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We are pleased to offer the latest expressive Nuance Vocalizer voices for the NVDA screen reader developed by Tiflotecnia, Lda. Add the familiar Vocalizer voices to NVDA at an affordable price.

Nuance Vocalizer expressive brings more languages, more voices and more quality to the Nuance Vocalizer synthesizer, keeping the same natural sound and high responsiveness.

This license will allow you to activate the Vocalizer 3.0 voices on up to 3 computers. You will also be able to use the classic Vocalizer voices.

This driver, developed in Portugal, has the following advantages:

  • High quality voices
  • Excellent response time
  • Possible to configure variant, volume and speed rate
  • Allows reading in a very fast rate
  • Nearly 70 voices in over 40 different languages (all are included in the price)
  • Can be used with portable NVDA
  • The end-user price always includes at least 10 Euros towards NVDA development

Go here to download the voices and be sure to come here when you are ready to purchase.

Your order will be delivered via E-Mail generally within 24 business hours.

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