Smart Beetle 14-cell ultra-portable Braille display w/ Case

  • Model: B14K
  • Shipping Weight: 3pounds
  • Manufactured by: Hims, Inc.
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Smart Beetle is a 14-cell Braille display that brings the world to your fingertips. It's the lightest, most portable Braille display available. Take it with you to school, to work or on vacation and have reliable, discrete access to all of your mobile devices and personal computer systems.

No frustration, just productivity

Save time and frustration by pairing up to 6 devices simultaneously. Connect to your phone, tablet, work computer, home computer and more. No unnecessary pairing or repairing to your Bluetooth devices required. Smart Beetle remembers five Bluetooth devices and offers a USB 2.0 connection for a sixth.

This package includes a convenient case which protects the unit and also lets you use your display while in the case.

Compatible with many screen readers

Smart Beetle will connect as a Braille terminal with the following screen readers:

  • JAWS
  • Window-Eyes
  • SuperNova
  • NVDA
  • System access
  • Voice Over for Mac and iOS
  • BrailleBack for Android
  • Mobile Speak
Perkins Style Keyboard

Use the Smart Beetle's Perkins-style keyboard to emulate all the functions of a QWERTY keyboard. This eliminates translation problems with mobile devices and gets rid of the sluggishness experienced with other Braille displays and mobile devices.

Other features
  • Long-lasting battery. Up to 24 hours on bluetooth!
  • Helpful audio prompts
    • Convenient audio prompts let you know when Smart Beetle powers on, the status of Bluetooth connections and more.

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