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WayAround WayLink Scanner

  • Model: WA-Waylink
  • Manufactured by: WayAround


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WayAround WayLink Scanner

The WayLink Scanner uses wireless near-field communication (NFC) to transfer information between NFC tags and the WayAround mobile app, linking physical items in your home and office to information you store in your WayAround account. Use the WayLink Scanner for faster, continuous scanning, without the need to interface with your phone. It is also ideal for any situation where you prefer to use your phone hands-free. If your phone does not have a built-in NFC reader, the WayLink Scanner will enable your Apple or Android device to work with WayAround.

The lightweight WayLink Scanner fits in the palm of your hand. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Charging takes under an hour, and you can scan hundreds of WayTags before you’ll need to recharge.


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