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Orbit Reader 40 Padded Carrying Case

  • Model: OR-40-Case
  • Manufactured by: Orbit Research


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The padded carrying case for the Orbit Reader 40 braille display offers protection from everyday wear and tear and convenience in use and transportation. Made from durable, black-colored nylon material, the carrying case has two separate compartments.  The main compartment is fitted perfectly to hold the Orbit Reader 40, and the other can be used to carry accessories such as a charger and cable. The main compartment includes a transparent pocket to hold business cards, contact information, or other similar items. Both compartments have zippers.

The case also comes with an adjustable strap that can be threaded through slots in the case and attached directly to attachment points on the Orbit Reader 40, allowing it to be safely and securely used while suspended from your shoulder or neck. The Orbit Reader 40 can be operated while it is in the carrying case and can be easily removed for use outside the case. The features come together to create an elegant and convenient way to transport and protect the Orbit Reader 40.

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