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Super Egg Hunt Plus

  • Model: SEH
  • Manufactured by: LWorks
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Super Egg Hunt 2.0 is coming soon. Buy now and receive the update to version 2 for free!

Welcome to Super Egg Hunt Plus from LWorks. Run across a grid collecting eggs, Avoid the chicken who wants to peck you, and collect clocks to give yourself more time and freeze the chicken. But Super Egg Hunt Plus is so much more. Super Egg Hunt plus let's you choose from thirteen different game modes to challenge your egg hunting skills in different ways. Why not run through a chicken coop with extra Chickens? Or how about seeing how fast you can collect eggs? Collect eggs in an ever changing grid? Or how about avoiding clocks instead of picking them up? Finally, can you complete all 92 trophies and become the Egg Hunt Grand Master?. download Super Egg Hunt today and find out!

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