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Meater Plus

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Meater Plus Description

Use the meater plus and it's bluetooth connectivity to accessibly and wirelessly track the cook progress of your meat. Download the Meater app on your iPhone or Android, charge and connect the Thermometer, and set the alerts to let you know the progress of your cook.


  • Rechargeable: use a single triple A battery and place the probe in the charging case. It will be fully charged after 2 hours and should last for 24-48 hours of usage.
  • Connected: Use the app on iPhone or Android devices to connect to the Meater probe.
  • Extended Range, 165 Feet: Keep the charging case close to the probe to amplify the distance of connectivity.
  • Guided cooks: Pick the type and cut of meat and how you like it cooked. Meater will make suggestions on how long it will take and what tempeature you should monitor for.
  • Temperature Aware: With two Temperature sensors track the internal and in virement Temperatures to get that perfect cook!
  • Customizable Alerts: Set the alerts you need to be aware of your cook's progress.

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