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iOS Access for All: iOS 14 Edition

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iOS Access for All:

Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
(iOS 14 edition)

iOS Access for All is the most comprehensive guide to the accessibility features of Apple’s mobile devices. From the VoiceOver screen reader, which allows blind users to control an iPhone or iPad, to support for hearing aids and closed captioning, Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, includes features that support people with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities. Readers will learn how to set up and use an iOS device in an accessible way, and how to get the most from apps provided by Apple, and available from the App Store. The book also introduces iOS tools, including the Siri voice assistant, that weren’t designed for accessibility, but that nonetheless enhance productivity and pleasure for disabled users.

This is the EIGHTH edition of the book, and it’s fully updated for iOS 14. The book has grown along with Apple’s mobile software – its 168,000 words, with a page count that varies by platform, but that’s between 700 and 800 pages on many platforms. But more important than word or page count, iOS Access for All remains the most comprehensive iOS accessibility resource anywhere!


The book is available in the accessible ePub format, which can be read by a variety of programs for both computers and mobile devices. Details and instructions will be provided with your download.

Table of Contents

Here’s the Table of Contents for iOS Access for All (iOS 14 edition).

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 1: Accessibility, the Apple Way
    • Apple Revolutionizes Mobile Access
    • Today’s iDevices, and iOS
    • The Apple Ecosystem
    • Meet iOS Accessibility Features
    • What’s New in iOS 14
  • Chapter 2: Orientation and Quickstart
    • iDevices 101
    • Parts of iOS
    • Choose How to Set Up iOS
    • Accessibility Quickstart
    • Ready to Dive Deeper?
  • Part 2: The Wide World of iOS Access
  • Chapter 3: Tools for Blind Users: VoiceOver and More
    • Activate iOS and VoiceOver
    • Learn iOS and VoiceOver
    • The Power of the Rotor
    • Text Input Options in iOS
    • Text and the Virtual Keyboard
    • Dictate Text with Siri
    • Enter Text with Handwriting Gestures
    • Braille Screen Input
    • Use a Wireless Keyboard
    • Use a Refreshable Braille Display
    • Create Custom Gestures and Activities
    • Speech, Languages, and Audio Routing
  • Chapter 4: Low-Vision Access
    • iOS’ Low-Vision Challenges
    • Screen Magnification
    • Enlarge and Enhance Text
    • Color and Contrast
    • Speech As a Low-Vision Tool
    • Quickly Enable Low-Vision Features
    • Mainstream Features with Low-Vision Uses
    • The iOS Camera: Low-Vision Super Weapon
  • Chapter 5: Tools for Hearing-Impaired Users
    • Convert Alerts to a Flash or Vibration
    • Control Audio Output from Calls and Apps
    • Hearing Aid Support
    • RTT/TTY Support
    • Closed Caption Support
    • More Communication Options
  • Chapter 6: Physical and Motor Access
    • Adjust Settings to Accommodate Motor Delays
    • Switch Control
    • AssistiveTouch
    • Voice Control
  • Part 3: Using Your Device and Its Apps
  • Chapter 7: Control and Manage Your Device
    • Manage and Navigate Your Device
    • Search Your Device
    • Navigate with the Item Chooser (VoiceOver Only)
    • Use Context Menus
    • Get Quick Access with Control Center
    • Keep Up-to-Date with Notifications
    • Multitasking and the App Switcher
    • Privacy and Security
    • Distraction Management
    • Guided Access
  • Chapter 8: Use the iPad and iPadOS
    • Navigating the Home Screen and Dock
    • iPad Gestures and Multitasking
    • Keyboard and Text Editing
    • Connect to Your Mac Computer with Sidecar
  • Chapter 9: Siri and Shortcuts
    • Set Up Siri
    • Use Siri
    • Siri Commands
    • Dictation
    • Shortcuts
  • Chapter 10: Access to Apple Apps
    • Safari
    • Mail
    • Delete, Move, and Share within Apps
    • Calendar
    • Phone
    • Messages
    • FaceTime
    • Contacts
    • Maps
    • Camera and Photos
    • Notes
    • Reminders
    • Files
    • Music
    • Books
    • News
    • TV
    • App Store/iTunes Store
    • Podcasts
    • The Rest of the Included Apps
  • Chapter 11: The Best of Accessible Apps
    • An Accessible App Primer
    • Guide to App Listings
    • Navigation and Travel
    • Productivity
    • Reading, News, and Information
    • Communication & Social Networking
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Lifestyle
    • Accessibility Tools
    • Learn More About Apps
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A: VoiceOver Gestures
    • Appendix B: VoiceOver Keyboard Commands
    • Appendix C: Braille Commands
    • Appendix D: Set Up a New iOS Device with VoiceOver
    • About the Author

    About the Author

    Shelly Brisbin is a writer, editor, podcaster, and cocktail enthusiast. Her current project is iOS Access for All (iOS 11 edition), a comprehensive guide to accessibility for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. She contributes features and reviews to AccessWorld Magazine, and produces podcasts for freelance clients. Shelly’s career in tech journalism spans 25 years, 15 books, hundreds of articles and blog posts for leading tech publications, and several stints on the editorial staffs of leading trade publications and Web sites. She served as editor-in-chief of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, networking editor for MacUser Magazine, and an editor for online learning company, Powered, Inc. and  two Hoover’s Web sites. Her podcasts include The Parallel, Maccessibility Roundtable, and the award-winning Shelly’s Podcast. When she’s not working, Shelly spends time with her husband and cats in Austin, Texas, watches ancient movies, and reads books, many of which are made of paper.

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