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Headset Buddy Line-Level Audio Adapter for iPhone, Clubhouse

  • Model: 01-iPhone-Mic-Line-Plus
  • Manufactured by: Headset Buddy


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The Headset Buddy allows you to send audio from a line-level audio source such as a mixer or soundboard to an iPhone, smartphone or tablet. It can be used to hook a mixer or another audio device into your iPhone for apps like Clubhouse. It is a short, 12-inch adapter which includes a 1/8 inch female plug for input and another 1/8 inch female plug for output. On the other end of the cord is a 1/8 inch male plug which can connect to an iPhone using a headphone to Lightning adapter, or to other devices.

The included stereo headphone jack allows you to connect standard headphones so that you can hear VoiceOver speech or the conversation in your favorite chat app. You can also use a 3rd-party app such as the free version of Ferrite Recording Studio to monitor your line-level input.

Chec out our 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter, which allows you to connect the Headset Buddy to an iPhone.

How it Works: 

  1. From the line out of your audio source, plug in the cable required, for instance, XLR male to 3.5mm TRRS male.
  2. Insert the male 3.5mm (1/8 in.) TRRS plug into the female end of the Mic-Line Plus.
  3. Plug your 3.5mm headset into the Headset jack on Mic-Line Plus
  4. Plug the male end of the Mic-Line Plus into your phone, laptop, etc. If you are connecting to an iPhone, you will need a headset to lightning adapter.  
  5. The device will recognize this as an external audio source and turn its internal microphone off
You will need a lightning, USB-C, or USB adapter depending on your device.

The headset connection has a mono mic input, which is best for apps like Clubhouse, but you can connect a stereo signal and it will be converted to mono.


  • Connect a mixer, audio interface, or other audio source to your phone for recording or audio chat apps such as Clubhouse and FaceTime Audio
  • Includes attenuator that allows for line-level to mic-level conversion
  • Works with most phones that have a combined headset and mic jack, or with a headset to Lightning adapter
  • Crystal clear sound recording
  • One year warranty against defects

Physical Description

The Headset Buddy is a 12-inch cable that is strong and durable. On one end, you will find a 90-degree angled, male, 3.5MM plug. This is what you will plug into your device, or a headset to Lightning adapter if using an iPhone.

If you set the cable so the right-angled plug is facing down and trail the cable, the 3.5MM input jack will be the plug on the left, and the 3.5MM output jack will be on the right. The input jack is green while the output jack is blue.

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