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Versa Slate Protective Magnetic Case - Gray

  • Model: Versa-Case-Gr
  • Manufactured by: Overflow Biz, Inc.


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Protect your Versa Slate with this durable, magnetic case. Insulate your purchase from drops and scratches, and easily take your Versa Slate with you.

Case Description

The case is made of a soft, outer material with a solid backing that faces the inside. When closed, the writing cells are exposed while the reading area is covered. A magnetic strap clasps a flap to the reading side of the case, and when released, the reading area can be felt. It is possible to both read and write using the slate with the case open. The Slate is held to the case using magnets, and these magnets can also be used to put the slate on a refrigerator or similar surface.

To attach the slate to the case, position the case with the opening facing down and the flap facing you. Then place the slate on the case with the reading side facing up and the stylus to your left. The magnets will gently pull the slate into position.

Color: Gray.

This product comes with a one year warranty against defects.

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