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Versa Slate 2-section case

  • Model: Versa-Case-2S
  • Manufactured by: Overflow Biz, Inc.


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The Versa Slate Double Case is designed to hold two Versa Slates securely and protect them from scratches and drops. It also allows you to combine the two slates into one larger reading surface of eight lines of 20 cells each. This way, you can have more space for writing longer notes or reading more text at once.

The Versa Slate is a paperless and erasable braille slate that lets you write and read braille without using paper. You simply use the magnetic stylus to create braille dots on the slate, and flip it over to read them. When you want to erase the slate, you can press the buttons on the top and bottom of the unit, or push down individual pins with your finger.

The case has a magnetic closure that keeps it shut when not in use, and flips open easily when you need to access your slates. The case is made of durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear.

If you are looking for a convenient way to carry and use two paperless braille slates, the Versa Slate Double Case is right for you.

Note: The case does not include the slates. You can purchase the Versa Slate Here.

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