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Braille Sense Plus 32 Executive Leather Case


This case was next to impossible to get onto my Braille Sense Plus! One corner of it actually ripped! I actually thought I had received the wrong case, because I just couldn't get the straps closed. When putting this case on, be prepared for a fight! The leather is really no softer than that of the case that originally came with my Braille Sense. One of the snaps that secures the Braille Sense in this case sits right on top of the reset button, making it hard to reach. And if you're not careful about how you adjust the strap, it will hold down your reset button. The case is very stiff and falls shut unless it's either weighted down with something, or forceably tucked underneath the Braille Sense. I can only hope time will make this stiffness go away. There are holes in the bottom of this case for the rubber feet on the Braille sense to poke out of, I guess so that it doesn't slide around on a hard surface. But they don't aline quite right, and the holes are a little too big. Pointless, if you ask me. I do like the plastic rings, and the zipper pocket is great! I especially like that it closes with magnets rather than unsightly and noisy velcro. Those are the reasons this case got two stars instead of one. But the effort it took to get this case on, the almost synthetic plastic feel of the leather, and just the awkwardness of the fit are a serious letdown from what I was expecting from the description, and from how highly other people have spoken of this case. Despite its better features, I really don't recommend this product.
Date Added: 01/13/2015 by Amanda Chokov
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