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Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android


The Matias aluminum wireless keyboard is a great bluetooth keyboard for use with computers, tablets, and phones. It has quite a good range, lasts a long time on a single charge and is very nice to type on. It's lightweight, so you can sit it in your lap and work, and the fact that it is full sized means you can use the 10-key or numpad with your screen reader of choice. The keys are nice to type on. A few of them had an odd little pop that I didn't much care fore, the F, J, and down arrow namely. That is sort of wearing in as I use it more. The keys are large, and nice to type on. The nubs on the F and J, as well as the numpad 5 are quite prominent, which makes it very easy to get oriented for typing. The battery life is incredible, as I got over three months of use out of it, also one or two nights where I left it on accidentally all night, on a single charge. If you're not stretching the range, and are fairly close to the device you're using it with, there really is no perceivable lag while typing. When you get at the edge of the range it can go, you'll notice a couple things happen, a lag while typing, and sometimes, the key will not be released, for instance, if you type a word with an 'E' in it, like, 'insurance', you might end up with this, 'insuraaaanceeeeeeee'. Of course it happens with any key, not just vowels. This will also happen quite a bit more frequently if you are using the keyboard with another bluetooth device currently active on the same device, such as a headset. In this scenario, there is a bit of lag during typing, even when both devices are close to the computer, however, its not unworkable. The problem gets quite a bit nastier as you approach the edge of the range limit, as the keyboard will tend to do the hold a key thing quite a bit more, and the audio device will cut out badly. However, this isn't the fault of the Matias, I'm just describing what will happen should you wish to use it with another bluetooth device.

The keyboard does have a few negative points, however, none of these are all that bad. The first thing I mentioned above is the sort of pop on a few of the keys, as the other keys have a more linear travel. I didn't like this, and it threw me off. It isn't noticeable if you type very hard, only if you type lightly. Another thing is that you really have to hammer on the keys in order to get them to register. This is improving significantly though the more I use the keyboard, but you aren't going to be typing very lightly at first, you will have to hammer the keys, or end up missing out letters occasionally. Probably the worst thing I don't like about the keyboard is that there is no spacing between the F1 through F12 keys every 4th one like on other full sized keyboard. I don't know why they did this, as even laptop keyboard employ this spacing. It makes it super difficult to get oriented if you use them frequently. I use them for such things as invoking spell checking, getting the time and date from my screen reader, getting a list of links or other elements, and for media control, such as volume up / down / mute, and play / pause as well as next and previous track. It bugs me that they haven't put this spacing in as I think it could have been done with a little bit of effort and slight redesign. The last thing is that the traditional 6-pack is more like a 3X3. Again, no spacing, and I don't like that. In addition, where the insert would be, that is replaced with your function key for manipulating the media playback controls imposed on the F-keys at the top. This means for all screen reader related functions, you must now use the numpad 0 / insert. It is just clunky and awkward, but its not unmanageable.

In summation, the Matias keyboard is a very good product, it pairs to up to 4 devices, and switches between them very quickly. There's no reason not to get one if you're in the market for a bluetooth keyboard and you're looking for a full size one, rather than a smaller, more portable one. Despite the fact that it is a full size keyboard, it is very lightweight, and taking it with you shouldn't be much of a problem. If you have a bigger laptop, it probably will fit in your laptop case.
Date Added: 07/25/2017 by Brandon C.
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