Orbit Writer and Orbit Reader 20 Plus Available Now

Accessible Portable Charger & Power Bank, , 20,000mAh Battery with Vibration & Sound,, New Model


The battery pack works well. J.J does a wonderful job of describing the battery. It is also worth noting the dots for the ports are behind the ports and not next to them. This is with the power button on your right hand side in the top right hand corner. The dots don't appear as pronounced as they were on the older model battery pack. The beeps also appear quieter then the older battery pack. Pluses to this one are: Faster charging, You can charge your devices more times before you need to recharge the battery. The battery is current with type C charging the older one that was out a few years ago wasn't. I have charged my iPhone 13 Pro and a bluetooth head phone at the same time with no issue. The plus to this is it vibrates only so say your at an Airport or in a office building you don't want it beeping you can set it to vibrate only. This is a fair price and worth your money. It works as described.
Date Added: 01/21/2022 by dennis l.
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