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Welcome, Top Tech Tidbits readers. Here’s what we have in store for you for the Black Friday season.

  • Free Beep with the order of a BlindShell Classic 2, we are including a free BlindShell Beep, an item locator which can be attached to a key ring, bag or suitcase and then paged from your phone, with the purchase of a BlindShell Classic 2. It's a $35 value, but included for free.

    Learn about the BlindShell 2 phone for $529
  • Blast Duo Offer: The Stormbox blast is a boom box shaped speaker, providing 90 W of stereo sound. You can easily fill a room with one, or connect two for even more sound! Purchase two Blasts in one transaction and receive a complimentary 10K Power Bank. Order Blast Duo
  • 10% off way around tag and Labeling,

    Now's the time to stock up on our popular item labeling tags from WayAround. Get 10 percent off any packs of stickers, buttons, clips, or magnets. There's no limit to the amount of tags you can get with this deal.

    Go here to browse all WayAround products

  • save 10% on our sleep phones Looking for comfortable headphones to sleep in and want to save 10%? SleepPhones provide a safe and natural way to fall asleep without bulky headphones or painful earbuds. Explore SleepPhones.
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