New Products

Tribit MaxBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker


Manufacturer: Tribit

Price: $69.99

Tribit Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker delivers 360° full-range sound without worrying about placement. Place it on a table or in the crowd, all listeners get the same experience. XBass Technology Dual passive radiators work together with all-around ... more info
Plugable Bluetooth Full-Size Folding Keyboard


Manufacturer: Plugable

Price: $54.95

For fast typists or those with large hands, most folding keyboards are just too small for comfort! This sturdy Bluetooth keyboard features five rows of standard-sized keys laid out in classic keyboard style and properly spaced for accurate typing. ... more info
Braille Me 20-cell Low-Cost Refreshable Braille Display


Manufacturer: Innovision

Price: $499.00

Braille Me 20-cell Low-Cost Refreshable Braille Display Braille Me is a new refreshable braille reader from Innovision, in India. Through their groundbreaking new technology, using magnetic force to power the braille display, the Braille Me has ... more info
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