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Holiday Deals

Welcome to our holiday deals page. Check back here from time to time to learn about our latest specials.

Aftershokz Huge Sale

Aftershokz is known for huge holiday discounts, and this year's deals are some of the best. Get the high-end Aeropex bone conduction headset for $129.95 with free shipping, a $30 savings. Or check out the OpenMove, a quality entry-level pair, available now for $64.95. We also now carry the OpenComm, a high-end model with a quality noise canceling microphone. Plus, get a free sport belt while supplies last. Aftershokz makes some of the highest quality headsets on earth, and we think you'll love how lightweight and versatile they are.

Go here to browse all Aftershokz products

BlindShell News and Upgrade Discount

The response to the BlindShell Classic 2 has been nothing short of amazing, and we are excited to to be offering this high-quality phone with tactile buttons, a louder speaker, and a headphone jack. Remember if you have the original BlindShell phone, you have until the end of the year to qualify for a $100 discount on the cost of the new phone. Just write us for details. Plus, more apps such as Be My Eyes are now also included. Plus, app and software updates are free for life.

Learn about the BlindShell 2 phone for $489

Introducing the Storm Headset by Blue Tiger

We're excited to announce a new Bluetooth headset from a familiar brand to A. T. Guys, and this one is a bit different. The Storm by Blue Tiger is an over the ear headset that covers just one year. The ear cup and controls sit on one ear and the headset band goes over your head and stops before reaching the other ear. It includes a swivel boom microphone with absolutely amazing noise cancelation, and can be worn on either ear. Plus, it has USB-C for charging, voice promts, and 30 hours of talk time. It's great for phone calls, loud environments, or connecting to Zoom or meetings on your mobile device.

We expect to have this item in stock by December 5. Preorder now to get yours when it is in stock.

Preorder the Blue Tiger Storm for $119.99

Get your Orbit Reader 20 Plus or 40

We currently expect to receive more Orbit units in stock in December, so order now to save your place in line. Plus, order an Orbit Reader 40 and get a free additional 32GB memory card.

Get the Orbit Reader 20 Plus for $749, Orbit Reader 40 for $1,499

Stock up on Wayaround Tags

Now's the time to stock up on our popular item labeling tags from WayAround. Get 10 percent off any 25 packs of stickers, buttons, clips, or magnets through December 24. There's no limit to the amount of tags you can get with this deal.

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More Deals

Here's some of the other great deals we have for you. Be sure to check our website for everything we have to offer.

Victor Reader Trek Book Player with GPS - $749

Save $50. With upgraded GPS accuracy and maps.

Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive Add-on for NVDA - $59

Use the classic Eloquence or Vocalizer voices with the free NVDA screen reader. Access to over 140 voices included.

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