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Slinger™: Your Ultimate Hands-Free Mobile Accessory

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Presenting Slinger™, your ultimate hands-free solution for mobile device management, particularly when using visual interpretation services such as AIRA and Be My Eyes. With Slinger™, you no longer need to juggle between your phone and other tasks. It's so intuitive and convenient that you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Slinger™ goes beyond being just a phone accessory. Its retractable lanyard allows you to wear your phone across your body, over your shoulder, or around your neck, freeing up your hands to engage with the world around you. Hold up to four credit cards, ID cards, and/or cash, eliminating the need for a purse or additional pockets.

But Slinger™ doesn't stop there. It's designed for customization to match your style, mood, and outfit. Swap the neck strap with a different color or chain. Decorate it with pre-made or custom stickers to express yourself. Change the cover color for enhanced privacy or to match your eyes. Slinger™ is not just about functionality, it's about expressing who you are.

With Slinger™, you'll find new ways to make your life easier. Hang your car keys on the lanyard, prop up your phone's flashlight with the kickstand, or hang your phone while driving and using GPS. We're always discovering new lifehacks with Slinger™, and we know you will too.


  • Sleek size and shape made out of strong, durable material
  • Easily attaches to your phone or case using super strong adhesive
  • Retractable lanyard for hands-free usage
  • Full-size wallet and ID display
  • Stable portrait and landscape kickstand
  • Hang your phone vertically or horizontally
  • Interchangeable neck strap for customization
  • Personalize your Slinger™ with customized stickers or corporate branding

Will it stick?

Slinger™ uses industrial strength adhesive that will strongly adhere to any case or phone with smooth, hard plastic or rubber. Note: Slinger™ will not stick to silicone cases.

Will it fit?

Slinger™ measures 4 ¼ inches long, 2 ½ inches wide, and ½ inch thick, designed to snugly fit most phones and cases.

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