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Canute 360 Braille Multiline E-reader

  • Model: Canute
  • Manufactured by: Bristol Braille Technology CIC
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Electronic Braille: reimagined.

Bristol Braille Technology has released Canute 360, the world's first multi-line digital Braille e-reader. Developed with, by, and for the blind community, Canute 360 makes reading digital Braille books affordable, practical and enjoyable.

Canute 360 is a standalone desktop multi-line Braille e-reader. Compatible with all six-dot Braille codes; ideal for books, math, music, tables or charts. In fact, a Braille library can now be stored on a single USB stick or SD card in BRF or PEF format and read from Canute 360.

Using Canute 360

Canute 360 can open and display *.BRF and *.PEF files. As Canute 360 does not feature onboard Braille translation, it is compatible out of the box with all six dot Braille codes.

Braille files compatible with Canute 360 can either be downloaded from online accessible library services, or translated from print source documents using software. For best results, format your files with a line length of forty characters per line and a page length of nine lines per page. Many Braille translation tools already include a Canute 360 pre-set to ensure content is correctly formatted for Canute 360.

To load files onto Canute 360, copy your files onto a standard SD card or USB memory stick. When you insert the SD card or USB into Canute 360, your files will appear in the library menu.

Canute 360 features an intuitive bookmarking system. You can add, remove and navigate to bookmarks from the main menu.


  • Reads BRF (Braille Ready Files) and PEF (Portable Embosser File)
  • 360 cells: nine lines of forty characters of Braille
  • Supports all six-dot Braille codes (including music, maths and all languages) and tactile graphics
  • 3 page navigation buttons
  • 9 line select keys
  • Contextual help button

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Canute 360 open .DOC/.PDF/.EPUB/.TXT/.HTM files?

A: Canute 360 can only open .BRF and .PEF Braille files. Print source files can be converted to a format compatible with Canute 360 using software. Both free and paid for Braille translation packages are available.

Q: Is Canute 360 compatible with screen-reader software Braille output?

A: Canute 360 is not currently compatible with screen-reader software Braille output. This is a feature that we are actively looking into adding in future, however we are not currently able to give a timetable for development of these features.


  • Dimensions: 37cm x 19cm x 4cm (14.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"), 2.8KG (6lb)
  • Connectivity: 2x USB A; 1x USB A; HDMI out; SD Card slot; 3.55mm audio out

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