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Aluminum USB Sound Adapter for Windows & Mac + USB Extension Cable


I discovered another use for this sound card which might be especially interesting to someone with hearing aids. I have a gizmo called a "tv transmitter" that is supposed to connect to a TV to broadcasts its audio using BLE (bluetooth low power) to my hearing aids. I purchased it to connect to my PC's headphone jack. Unfortunately it has a serious conflict with the realtech audio chip in all of my PCS. I guess this is caused by dueling DSP devices. When the volume level changes, the TV transmitter lets out loud squeaks. Also it randomly changes the volume in an attempt to work with my PCS sound chip. However, connecting it to the A.T. guys sound card works great, likely because this card's chips are more primitive. I can now listen to JAWS, zoom calls and any streaming audio I choose using my hearing aids.
Date Added: 01/03/2023 by Deborah A.
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