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Versa Slate Paperless, Erasable Braille Slate & Stylus


This is the best slate I ever owned especially for quick notes and for working out math without having to use a perkins brailler. Now I can edit and erase stuff like sighted people have been doing with pencils and erasers for years, and the braille is very crisp and clear like the signage braille found on the orbit reader displays which is the other thing I really like about the versa slate. It's also helpful for writing stuff I want to study and memorise like a credit card number and good for writing addresses so i don't have to carry the orbit reader with me just to read an address to send stuff in the mail. The only thing I need yet it a refreshable drawing slate with a tool that has a wheel or ball on the end so when you roll it across the board to draw, the spurs go into the holes pushing the pins through the underside of the refreshable drawing slate. And like the versa slate you would flip it over to view your drawing, map, graph or diagram, use an overlay with rectangles to place on top of the drawing slate to guide a versa slate stylus for labeling parts of drawings... Press buttons on the reading side to erase part or all of your drawing. It would be great for quick temporary drawings, practice writing raised letters, making graphs and things.
Date Added: 01/17/2022 by Joshua K.
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